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Name Cards or Business Cards are the most important piece of first impression needed to make the first contact on a new prospect. It serves as an introduction to yourself and your organization, let your business partners the ability to view and retain immediately your contact information including address, phone numbers, website address and any other pertinent information. Your cards should be memorable, reflecting the quality, professionalism and creativity of your business.

• 85mm x 45mm / 85mm x 50mm / 85mm x 52mm / 85mm x 54mm
• 89mm x 45mm / 89mm x 50mm / 89mm x 52mm / 89mm x 54mm

• 300gsm Matte Uncoated
• 330gsm Matte Uncoated
• 260gsm Art Card
• 310gsm Art Card
• 240gsm Corolla Damasco (Texture Based – Off White)
• 260gsm Zeta Linen (Texture Based – Yellow Cream)
• 290gsm Majestic Marble (Shiny Pearly Based)

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Additional Finishing:
• Die Cut with Crease Line
• Lamination (Matte/Gloss)
• Round Corner

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